Big Issues:                                           woman-pointing-her-finger-0061

  • Make sure that you’re not talking about the same subject as another student; if you are, make your post a comment to theirs (you’ll still get full credit for it if it meets all the other requirements).
  • Remember that you need to include some close reading in your post: as we’ve discussed in class, that doesn’t mean just including quotations or using them for plot summary. You need to break them down and analyze them, using them to back up an interpretive claim you’re making about the text.

 Formatting and Grammar checklist:

After you have the content in place, go through it once more, to make sure you’ve done the following, so you can get credit for the post:

  • Make sure the commas and periods are in the right place in reference to quotation marks (The ppt slide on that is up under “content”–>”materials from class discussion/grammar”–>”where do commas and periods go”). But remember they go inside quotation marks unless there’s a parenthetical page reference.
  • Put in parenthetical page references, e.g., (Gilman 24) or (24) if you’ve mentioned the author in the surrounding sentence. And it’s not (p. 24) or (page 24). There’s no “p” or “page” before the number. It’s just (24), or it’s (Gilman 24) if you haven’t mentioned the author’s name or title of the work in the surrounding sentence.
  • Put the titles of works in the proper format: short story and critical article titles in quotation marks, novel and film titles in italics, e.g., “The Yellow Wallpaper” or The Usual Suspects
  • Remove any sentence fragments
  • Type your name at the end of the post and categorize it