• What does the movie make us feel toward him? Does it allow us to empathize with him?
  • Is A Beautiful Mind a biography or a pathography? Is Nash defined apart from his disability?
  • There are different ways that the movie veers from reality: John Nash continued to get insulin shock treatment; was not invited to give a speech when he received the Nobel prize; he had an illegitimate child with a Boston nurse before he met Alicia; Alicia and he divorced for many years and only remarried in 2001. What do these departures from the facts of Nash’s life tell us about how the movie wants to depict John Nash and his disability?
  • –According to the movie, he overcame his mental illness through power of will and his superior intellect. What ramifications does that have for other people with schizophrenia?
  • Does the movie see his disability as simply biological? Does it depict his culture as having a role in making him disabled?

Feel free to engage with any of these questions through Tu., Dec. 13th.