Since “A Beautiful Mind” is a movie about an individual with a disability, in this case paranoid schizophrenia, it will make the viewer see John in a certain type of way. In my opinion the purpose of the film is to demonstrate that mental illness is not something that needs to be hidden from the world, or that people with mental illness must be put into hospitals. Instead I believe that the film is trying to portray that people with mental illness are able to overcome their obstacles and function within society. Although this film does want to portray a positive outlook on mental illness, I do believe that there are points in the film where we are meant to feel sorry for John because he is disabled. I believe one of these moments is when John decided for himself that he could function without the help of his medication. We are able to see that this is not the case because John relapses and his wife is forced to consider placing him back into the metal hospital. At this point in the film we take pity on John and feel sorry for him because he is mentally challenged. We feel as if he must go back to the hospital because he is unable to overcome his illness, and because he is different. Moments like these in the film oppose the ultimate goal of the film, which is to show people can overcome mental illness. Even though these moments can make John’s success in managing his illness even greater, they also portray mentally disabled individuals as weak, different, and cause us to feel sorry for them. Feeling sorry for individuals with mental disabilities can make individuals feel superior. Although the film has these moments where mental illness as different and unmanageable. The film does leave the viewer feeling that metal illness does not necessarily mean that these individuals cannot function within society.