In the beginning of the film, I viewed Nash a socially awkward person who was highly intelligent. I didn’t know much about him and therefore as the film continued I was oblivious to his mental illness. Therefore, I viewed Charles, Nash’s roommate, as an extremely kind and caring person. I think about the scene where Nash.  I believe that without this friend that Nash would have gone until he, most likely, passed out. Therefore, the figments of his imagination became useful as they seemed to suggest things that helped him get through his days. Yet, there are a lot of moments where they lead him astray. Parcher, for example, leads Nash to spend many hours attempting to decipher the messages in newspapers.  While there are positives and negatives with his schizophrenia, but I believe that it truly benefits Nash as it led him to think differently about things in the world. Therefore,  is most likely the reason he came up with the Nash equilibrium is because of this different view of the world that he had. In the film, the director had him and his friends in a bar thinking about fighting over a woman and they begin to discuss Adam Smith. This leads Nash to think about the idea that all of them could win if none of them went for the blonde in the group. Without this difference, in the way, his mind works there would not have been this breakthrough in the economic field. However, he missed many years of research and theory develop due to his time spent in hospitals and off the job. It helped him to create ideas that changed basic understandings in economics and mathematics.  Therefore, I believe that his schizophrenia really helped him rather than hindered him as he ended up with a Nobel Prize for his work.