ENGL 201.08: The Stories We Tell

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Ethical Representation in Literature and Anthropology

Throughout our class discussion on the ethical responsibilities of proper representation for disabled people in literature and film, I noticed that many of the concepts overlapped with what I learned in my Cultural Anthropology course. The similarities occur in both… Continue Reading →

Recurring Motifs in “A Beautiful Mind”

Throughout my experience with the movieĀ A Beautiful Mind, I was struck by the director’s use of recurring symbols and motifs. Many of these motifs had both direct and indirect significance for the characters involved, and were repeated at least twice… Continue Reading →

Symbolism and More: An Exploration of “A Story of the Body”

Robert Haas’ short work “A Story of the Body” immediately caught my attention with its incongruous coupling of romantic language and a deeper, darker subject matter. The protagonist of this story is a young composer, and the entire conflict present… Continue Reading →

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