ENGL 201.08: The Stories We Tell

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Questions about A Beautiful Mind’s Portrayal of Depiction of Disability from Class

What does the movie make us feel toward him? Does it allow us to empathize with him? Is A Beautiful Mind a biography or a pathography? Is Nash defined apart from his disability? There are different ways that the movie veers from… Continue Reading →

Conclusions-Classify the Examples

I invite you to post on the examples of conclusions that we didn’t get to in class today (Galbreth’s and Burgin’s). Please pick one or both and tell us which kind of conclusion it is and why you think that…. Continue Reading →

Post a How-To for Lindsay’s essay on Phillis Wheatley (under “Model Essays” on D2L)

   In class, we started developing the rules for how you generate Sofia’s essay, “The Perfect Scarlet Letter,” which is a paradigmatic five-paragraph essay: Have three points, no more and no more less, and devote one paragraph (even if that… Continue Reading →

The Narrator of “The Goophered Grapevine” as Radically Unreliable

It’s possible to argue that the white narrator of “The Goophered Grapevine” is radically unreliable because of his racism. Here’s how this interpretation might go: Clues: External ones: Chesnutt’s own status as a black man and his later career as a fighter… Continue Reading →

Blog Checklist: What To Do Before Posting

Sticky post

Big Issues:                                            Make sure that you’re not talking about the same subject as another student; if you are, make… Continue Reading →

Some Ideas to Build on or Disagree With About Interpreting Literary Texts, or, How to Test If You Are a Secret Literary Theorist or Philosopher

  I’m posting some of the answers that people gave to the two questions I asked at the beginning of class on Oct. 4th. One way to build on or disagree with these answers would be to think about them… Continue Reading →

Two Readings of “The Goophered Grapevine” From the End of Class: Please Weigh In

Here are two interpretations of “The Goophered Grapevine.” Which do you agree with? Or do you disagree with both? Please respond as a comment to this post (it will count as much as an independent post).   two-reading-of-the-story Please also… Continue Reading →

Invitation to Blog: Children’s anecdotes vs. Adults’ Anecdotes

     As mentioned today, I wanted the class to have the chance to discuss the difference between children’s anecdotes and adults’ anecdotes. Assuming the two anecdotes I’ve posted here by children are somewhat representative, how would you compare them… Continue Reading →

Some Sample Blog Posts

Here are some sample successful blog posts from previous classes. Notice how they all contain evidence from the texts to back up their points, and they all contain moments when they analyze one or more of the quotations that they include… Continue Reading →

Direx for How to Blog

why have you blog? As a catalyst for and extension of class discussion. I’ll use our posts to find out what we need to talk about or talk more about in class. On the other end, they’re a place where you can… Continue Reading →

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