ENGL 201.08: The Stories We Tell

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Does Nash’s Schizophrenia Help Him in A Beautiful Mind?

In the beginning of the film, I viewed Nash a socially awkward person who was highly intelligent. I didn’t know much about him and therefore as the film continued I was oblivious to his mental illness. Therefore, I viewed Charles,… Continue Reading →

The Sixth Sense: The Significance of Cole and Tommy’s relationship

In the beginning of the film, The Sixth Sense, the audience first meets Tommy when Cole leaves for school. At first, Tommy and Cole seem to be good friends as Tommy puts his arm around Cole. However, as they walk… Continue Reading →

Leaving It Up to Interpretation First Half of Room

In the first half of the book, Room, there are important parts that are left to us to interpret it ourselves, such as, when Jack’s mother is being strangled and the game scream. Due to the narrator, being five years… Continue Reading →

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