ENGL 201.08: The Stories We Tell

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Disability: Couser and/or the Sacks video

William Syndrome and it’s Depiction in Everyday Life

Though at one point in history, the rights of those who were in the face of a disability were often overlooked due to the belief of their ‘inferiority’. Those with a disability were not seen to be humans of equal… Continue Reading →

Ethical Representation in Literature and Anthropology

Throughout our class discussion on the ethical responsibilities of proper representation for disabled people in literature and film, I noticed that many of the concepts overlapped with what I learned in my Cultural Anthropology course. The similarities occur in both… Continue Reading →

Freak Shows: The Past vs. The Present

Although we may not think of them as freaks, there are still people that make profit off of other’s disabilities. However, unlike the past we do not have to go to a ‘Freak Show,’ or the circus; we can watch… Continue Reading →

Direx for How to Blog

why have you blog? As a catalyst for and extension of class discussion. I’ll use our posts to find out what we need to talk about or talk more about in class. On the other end, they’re a place where you can… Continue Reading →

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